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2022-Ultra-Hot Twitter Applications For Your MLM Business

Ultra-Hot Twitter Applications For Your MLM Business

Social media sites have become some of the most powerful and effective tools a multi-level marketing (MLM) distributor’s have at his disposal. One of these sites is the popular micro-blogging site called Twitter, where users can post short messages called Tweets that other users can follow. In addition, these tweets may contain links that could lead back to a certain website.

Tweeting is the main activity that allows you to market your business out into the world. However, that is not all that Twitter has to offer. In fact, there are many ways that can leverage your visibility on Twitter. With these ways, specifically applications, you can bring in more leads and prospects to your website so you can get closer to your dream of online MLM success.

Try out these 12 Twitter applications that will help you improve the efficiency of your MLM operations or increase your chances of your business.

1. TweetLater – this application allows you to schedule your tweets over days and weeks. For instance, if your market is in a country that has a different time zone, you can set your tweets so that they will be displayed at a time when the majority of your market has their Twitter accounts open.

2. – this application shortens the URL you are sharing. This is pretty useful since Twitter limits posts of up to 140 characters only.

3. Twibes – this Twitter application is a place where you can join groups of with like-minded people.

4. – this makes your Twitter account interactive with quizzes and polls.

5. – this application is a useful directory for organizations. It makes it easier for you to connect to groups of a particular interest.

6. Tweetdeck – this application allows you to manage your Twitter connections.

7. – this is the Google alert version of Twitter. The application alerts you when new products and services are being discussed.

8. – this application allows you to log on to Twitter all day without having to open a browser so you can post updates and tweets.

9. – this application helps you keep track of popular topics being discussed in Twitter.

10. – this application keeps you up to date of buzz topics in twitter.

11. – the application feeds your blogs and articles to your Twitter page.

12. – the application allows you to find Twitter events and users near your area.

Optimize the use of these Twitter applications to boost up your MLM business.

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Ultra-Hot Twitter Applications For Your MLM Business

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Ultra-Hot Twitter Applications For Your MLM Business


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