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2022-Twitter – For The “Anti-Socially Social”

Twitter – For The “Anti-Socially Social”

Is Twitter anti-social? Twitter, the SMS-enabled social networking service, has become increasingly popular over the past year. This was quite apparent at the SxSW Interactive Conference in Austin, TX, where the most common pick-up line was “What is your Twitter name?” (Second only to “I follow you on Twitter.”) At every panel I went to, I noticed audience members meticulously thumbing messages on their phones to the Twitter community instead of listening attentively and politely to the speakers. At most conferences, this would be considered rude and unprofessional. But SxSW is not like most conferences and I did not hear of any panelist complaining. So I didn’t think much of it.

Then one night at dinner with @ericaogrady (Erica O’Grady), @tamar (Tamar Weinberg), @trevinorama (Marla Trevino) @antifreeze (Seth Blank), @davidlyman (David Lyman), I barely noticed the silence at the table as we all sat typing “tweets” into our phones. In fact, @ericaogrady and I (half jokingly) spent much of the dinner communicating to each other over Twitter even though we were sitting directly across the table. No doubt, this was unusual, and perhaps some might call it anti-social. But I would like to propose a new term to describe Twitter users:

Twitter users are “Anti-Socially Social.”

I usually don’t speak in oxymoron, but in this case it is perfectly appropriate. Twitter is the ultimate just-in-time social network, accessible anywhere there is cell-phone coverage (ie: everywhere). The people using Twitter are inherently social; Twitter is, after all, a social networking service. The problem is, however, Twitter is utterly addictive and perhaps insanely distracting.

In the corporate world, it is considered rude to send messages on your phone while attending a meeting, panel, and especially dinner. In fact, I once got called out for doing so during a meeting with a very high-up C-level. Even hanging out with my friends, I am harassed for messaging into my phone, instead of conversing like a normal human. But I am not anti-social. In fact, I am way too social and Twitter is my pusher-man. While, I am the first to admit that you should probably limit your phone use when in the presence of other people, I can’t sit back and let people say that Twitter is for the anti-social. So next time, someone complains that you are being anti-social for sending too many tweets, remember to tell them “Dude, I am not anti-social…I am anti-socially social.”

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Twitter – For The “Anti-Socially Social”

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Twitter – For The “Anti-Socially Social”