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2022-Thousands of Followers Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in Less Than 30 Days!

Thousands of Followers Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in Less Than 30 Days!

At the beginning of this year, a good friend turned me on to Twitter. I knew that the site was being hailed as the next big thing and a micro-blogging site that would soon redefine online marketing. Not knowing as much as I needed or wanted to know, I immediately signed up for an account.

It took me a while to get my account set up properly and choose the best options for my account such as mobile updates and so on. Once I was using Twitter on a regular, only one or two tweets per day, I was able to learn some good techniques for building followers Twitter and leveraging various social media tools.

In addition to posting updates throughout the day, I began to focus on the types of followers I was attracting. Because I took a considerable amount of time to complete my bio with background, likes, and dislikes, I quickly found that others with similar interests were seeking me out and joining my list.

In no time at all, I realized that the best way to leverage Twitter and other social media such as Facebook and YouTube was to build a list of like minded followers. Twitter is really my favorite tool for building a targeted list because it is so easy to follow and unfollow other users with similar interests.

Now that I’ve been using Twitter for a few month, I take a more aggressive approach with my followers. As followers are added to my list, I use messaging that introduces me or provides immediate access to resources that are appropriate for the users in my niche. This adds credibility to my profile and more importantly drives direct traffic to whatever I may be promoting at the time. When using this technique, be sure to embed tracking information that allows you to identify how frequently your promotional messages are being clicked and acted upon.

The more followers on Twitter that you have, the more you can promote your profiles on other social media. My big secret is that I focused on Twitter first. Many tools are now available for building followers on Twitter, Facebook, and specific social media networks, making it easy to grow your list. After I reached a substantial number of followers, around twenty five hundred, I used Twitter to invite others to join my Facebook fan page and view my YouTube videos. This created a number of additional followers across all social media. To this day, this is how I’ve improved the conversation rate of my social media marketing and built followers Twitter.

To be effective you need to establish a social media marketing plan. What type of value can you deliver to followers Twitter, Facebook, and other social media? How can you continue to deliver value? What type of audience are you targeting? Answer these questions before you begin your social media campaigns. Build a thorough marketing plan and use resources that can help to grow your list.

By focusing your efforts on Twitter first, you’re building a pipeline of prospects to feed your other social media accounts. After using an automated tool to build my Twitter list, I methodically sent tweets that encouraged others to sign up for my various social media. I would offer free information, reports, data, and more to generate a high conversion rate. These techniques have been effective in improving my online marketing significantly.

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Thousands of Followers Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in Less Than 30 Days!

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Thousands of Followers Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in Less Than 30 Days!


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