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2022-Social Media: Expert Social Media Predictions For 2013

Social Media: Expert Social Media Predictions For 2013

1. Twitter will personalise Twitter feeds

Twitter will begin personalising your feeds based on the algorithm social media experts call TwedgeRank or TweetRank in 2013. This algorithm will measure influence of the person tweeting based on the follower ratios, the average number of re-tweets, favourites and mentions, the influence of followers and additions to Twitter lists. Other factors to be measured will include engagement, alignment, gravity and interests. When brands start complaining about poor of engagement levels at Twitter, an advertising platform will allow them to buy TwedgeRank for their tweets.

2. Google+, the new must place to be

A presence on Google+ will be a must have, not because of social elements, but because it will be the centre for control of your official online presence. Google will provide new products and services connected to Google+ forcing companies to use it to benefit from certain advantages. In the purely social arena, Google+ will be limited as it has not captivated users like Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. Even if your friends or customers are not on Google+, you will still need to be there.

3. Google+ has appeal for niche segments

Google engineers have built features such as communities that may still improve participation on this ignored social platform. Google communities offers features similar to Facebook, but Google+ has an edge because of video integration with Google Hangouts. Google’s Author Rank holds immense potential in establishing connections between authors and their content, where authors will be given scores based on content placement and connections in their field. Google+ will influence their findability in searches in 2013.

4. Instagram becomes bigger

While Instagram is a relatively smaller platform yet, 2013 will be an important year for the newest social network. Research shows that users plan to increase use of Instagram at a much higher rate than any other social media network. 85% of Instagram users log in to their profiles at work which is way more than any other similar network. Instagram’s success lies in its ease of use for content creation and its ability to increase posts on other social networks.

5. Mediapreneurs focus on building email lists

2012 saw the trend followed by mediapreneurs such as creators of podcasts, blogs and webshows of encouraging people to subscribe via email rather than Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. The reason is research which shows that engaged buyers and audiences are most likely to come from your email lists. This does not mean that social media will lose its importance, only that people will focus more on asking for email addresses during 2013.

6. Marketers using fewer social websites

Social media users are now becoming more seasoned and will spend their time on fewer social media websites and marketers will adapt accordingly. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are now in the late majority stage of the adoption curve, while Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram continue gaining users. Marketers realise that it is better to have a strong presence on one or two platforms rather than spreading resources thin over every platform. Entrepreneurs, consultants and small businesses will have to choose where to invest resources to engage followers and fans for maximum impact in 2013.

Social Media: Expert Social Media Predictions For 2013

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Social Media: Expert Social Media Predictions For 2013