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2022-Search Engine History

Search Engine History

We all talk about search engines (Google, Yahoo, Msn) so we must know the history they had faced, or i would not be wrong at saying “THE HISTORY OF SEARCH ENGINES” , “HOW THE POTENT CONCEPT OF SEARCH WAS DEVELOPED”

Let’s talk about the first guy who shined his name in the history of search engines, “ALAN EMTAGE” was the guy to invent first search tool of the history in 1990. Then the CONCEPT begins…

ALAN EMTAGE from University of Mc Gill presented ARCHIE in 1990(First search tool, uses anonymous FTP server to archeive internet files)

MARK MCCAHILL from university of minnesota presented GOPHER in 1991 (alternative to ARCHIE).

SYSTEM COMPUTING TEAM of university of nevada then presented VERONICA in 1992 (search tool that scans GOPHER servers for text files)

And JUGHEAD in 1993 (A program to enhance GOPHER search by adding keyword search capablities)

METHEW GRAY a MIT Student presented WEB WANDERER in june 1993 (Earliest web robot)

GALAXY (First searchable directory, then webmasters started submitting their site first time) was introduced in 1994.

DAVID FILP & JERRY YANG from Standford university introduced YAHOO in 1994 (A web portal)

BRIAN PINKERTON from university of washigton presented WEB CRAWLER in 1994 (A web robot)

MICHEAL MALDIN from Carniegie melon presented LYCOS in july 1994 (A search engine comprises with 54000 documents)

INFOR SEEK was introduced in jan 1995 (treated nicely when it becames default SE of netscape in Dec 1995)

ERIK SELBERG from university of washington introduced META CRAWLER in 1995 (Meta search alternative)

Automatic submission tools were used first time for submission and rankings (1995)

Search Engine History

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Search Engine History


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