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2022-Making an Email Address Unique

Making an Email Address Unique

Email is an efficient form of communication which is instantaneous. It is suitable and useful for everybody who is connected to the internet and needs to send or receive messages from action taken either by him or by any other person somewhere else.

There are different types of emails such as: Ordinary email, Disposable email address, Hybrid mail, Letter Mail and many other types. If you want to make an email address unique and memorable, you must not pick an address that is long and very cryptic.

But, you have to think of some things that are important to you. (hobbies, pets, business, social status, etc) and with an easy-to-remember set of numbers to go with it, if you want them. Email address can either be free or paid for. The email addresses that are free are those obtained from Yahoo e.g. you at, Google e.g. you at or MSN e.g. you at

How about you having an email account with a domain name of your choice and which takes care of spamming? Having an email ID which has your city name sounds cool. Ah yes you also have for hobbies too. When you register, Username at particular domain is instantly checked and reported for availability.

The most important step in creating your personal mail address is to register a unique domain name. A domain name is an internet address by which people reach your website. A domain name is what forms the “@Any-Name-You-Want” part of your email address. You can have email addresses which use your domain name ([email protected]) even if you don’t have a website. It also has other functions such as being used for a web site or blog address (www.Any-Name-You-Want.TDL).

Your domain name must be unique. There can’t be more than one address or website with the same domain name. The importance of having unique email addresses lie in the fact that they possess spam filters and your privacy is maintained at a very high level.

More importantly, when you are talking of security and privacy, you are more than secured with unique email address than when you are using the free email types. This is because you have to log in to your control panel from the service provider before you can access mail in most cases.

One other feature of having a unique email address is that it is easy to track the owner so that its use for fraudulent activities is highly reduced. This is one reason why some will refuse to transact businesses with those having the free email addresses as they belief some secure information like passwords, logging pins, account numbers and verification numbers might be hiked if they do so.

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Making an Email Address Unique

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Making an Email Address Unique


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