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2022-Magic of a Dot Ie!

Magic of a Dot Ie!

I have set up my new children’s entertainment website and I would like to share some interesting observations I made in comparison to my older .com website.

Firstly I am a children’s magician entertainer based in Dublin Ireland so changing to a .ie domain has proved to be far more effective. As I do not travel outside the country to perform I have found that the number of hits my website has been getting has vastly improved. This is due to two main factors. Firstly I have been advertising on Google AdWords and I believe that once potential customers in Ireland see the .ie they are more inclined to click on the site as they know its local. Secondly, my Google ranking in Ireland has moved a lot faster up the ‘charts’ because of the .ie domain. My old .com site didn’t even appear on the first five pages of Google over a year…but in less than two months my new .ie site is already climbing the first page of Google! That’s not even to mention yahoo!!! Most of the time it sits at the top of the Yahoo search ant that happened very fast indeed!!!

I would then suggest that people who have small business such as mine to consider moving away from the .com domain into their local domains. Although there is some ‘red tape’ involved in getting a .ie address (in Ireland anyway) it has unquestionably improved my business through the sheer number of hits that have increased on my site. Obviously, this, coupled with a very canny web designer who tagged the site!!

It’s too easy and is often the lazy option getting the .com domains. Most of my competitors…who I may ad are my friends in this business, have .com domains and are amazed how fast the site has moved up in the Yahoo and Google rankings.

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Magic of a Dot Ie!

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Magic of a Dot Ie!


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