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2022-Literary Translation – Translating Freely

Literary Translation – Translating Freely

Literary translation is the branch of translation that deals with novels, poems, plays, stories, song lyrics etc.
Often regarded as the most free of all translation types, literary translation may also prove to be the most rewarding of these.
The freedom of translating a literary text resides mainly in the possibility to interpret the piece, to use words that are not necessarily the translated counterparts of the original, to manipulate the text in such manner that it observes the style of the author but, most importantly, manages to recreate the atmosphere in a different language.

Reading itself has been defined as, translation’, as the process of interpreting the text and adding a personal meaning to it. Considering this, the main task of a literary translator would be to rebuild the text in the target language, to adapt it according to its audience, to transform it while trying to keep its original form and meaning. Thus, a literary translator has the chance to be part of the creating process of a text, acting as a mediator who tries to convey the meaning and also bring the text closer to the reader.

Literary translation requires special skills and a significant language background. Also, in order to tackle this type of translation one needs to be passionate about literature, to have a certain calling and sensitiveness. To underline this, I should mention the fact that some of the most famous literary translators are/were writers themselves: Goethe , Borges, Nabokov, Eco, Durrell, and many more.
Considered by many an, art’, literary translation seems to have attracted many talented linguists mainly due to its free approach and its rewarding results. The appreciation people have for literary translation is proven by the countless prizes awarded to literary translators every year.

Probably one of the most spread language-wise types of translation, literary translation contributes to the cultural awareness of people while helping them reach various worlds (real or fantastic) and to discover different mentalities.

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Literary Translation – Translating Freely

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Literary Translation – Translating Freely


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