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2022-How to Generate Leads From Facebook Without Paid Ads

How to Generate Leads From Facebook Without Paid Ads

No matter what type of product or service you sell, you can be certain that your prospects are on Facebook. That is why your lead generation strategy simply must cover the biggest and most influential social network. The challenge comes from the fact that Facebook isn’t a straightforward lead generation tool. Discover how to use it in an effective and cost-efficient way without having to spend on ads and manage them.

2 Main Approaches

The content which you upload on Facebook is in the form of posts and you can use them in two different ways. The first approach is to create a post directly with your offer. This is the way to go if you want to attract leads to a particular product or service rather than to your company in general. Most often, the offers are for free content and tools, discounts and free trials.

The second approach is to create a post linking to high-quality content which you have already created. It could be an article, a blog post, an infographic or a video. The key thing is for the post to bring real value to your prospective customers. One approach which you can use here is to recycle an older post which has gained immense popularity, provided that it is still relevant, of course. Since your goal is lead generation, you have to ensure that there is a powerful call to action embedded in the content.

Increasing the Click-Through Rate in 3 Ways

1. Getting more fans

When you have a higher number of fans who regularly check your Facebook posts and visit your page on the social network, you can naturally expect an increase in the click-through rate for lead generation purposes. While posts which are informative, interesting and bring value to your target audience are a must, you should engage them with interactive activities. The most effective ones are contests and polls. There are special plug-ins which make launching and managing them easy and time-efficient.

2. Perfecting the posts for lead generation

Whether you choose to use posts with direct offers for targeting leads or ones which offer content in the first place, you have to make them attention-grabbing. Because people are overwhelmed with information on Facebook, you have to ensure that your content will stand out. A beautiful and meaningful image always grabs the attention. Depending on the type of image which you use and on your design approach, you can consider placing your value proposition or title on the photo itself.

Posts with videos are also more attractive and more effective for lead generation compared to ones with just text. The main reason for this is that people are visual leaners. Additionally, with the automatic video-play feature of Facebook, the chances of sparking interest in your target audience is greater.

3. Relying on loyalty

One of the main uses of Facebook as a marketing tool is for building brand loyalty. You can use this to gain more fans and more high-quality leads. Be active, keep posting regularly and stay in touch by liking and commenting on the posts of your fans.

Now that you know the basics, start building your Facebook lead generation strategy.


How to Generate Leads From Facebook Without Paid Ads

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How to Generate Leads From Facebook Without Paid Ads


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