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2022-How To Find a Poriftable eBay Wholesaler or Dropshipper

How To Find a Poriftable eBay Wholesaler or Dropshipper

The function of dropshippers or wholesalers is to work as the connecting link between the retailer and the manufacturer. Most of the times, they are the ones looking after the logistics as well as shipment of goods between the manufacturers and the retailers. They might have some kind of exclusive contract with the manufacturer. But the one thing that should interest you is that wholesalers don’t generally advertise and you would find it difficult to find them listed in search engines also.

Wholesalers generally deal in large quantities of goods to the resellers and retailers. It is not that they can’t sell in small quantities but the overheads don’t generally allow them to. And even if they are willing to sell you smaller quantities, you would find that you would have to pay more per unit. But if you are working with them, they might direct to the right channel like some local distributor who can sell you the goods at lower prices depending on the quantities involved.

But there is one species that you would encounter a lot here. They are the middlemen posing as wholesalers. They don’t carry any inventory most often but just get your order into the system letting the goods being shipped to you. And they charge a markup of about thirty to fifty percent. They are the ones advertising from roof tops about the services provided by them. But always remember that they are not the original ones even though they get the good delivered to you. You actually end up paying more when dealing with them.

When you want to find a wholesaler the best place to look would surely be contacting the wholesaler of the product you are interested in. They can direct you to their wholesaler or dealer. And after that the wholesaler would decide the best channel for you. Depending on the quantity of your demand you might be dealing with them directly or through their local representatives. And never think that since you are a small player, manufacturer won’t pay attention to you. Well, all the manufacturers want sales and if you can be one channel for it, they are going to welcome it.

To start with, ask a few questions to yourself. What volume are you talking about and how would you handle delivery and receipts? Most of the times, commercial trucks carry good and they won’t deliver to your doorsteps. What would the time limit be for your inventory turn over and which market are you going to focus on? Well, retailers and manufacturers have agreements with other persons also and they won’t be breaching their agreements.

Before you get started, it is always a good idea to do a little bit of research. There are a number of sites that can tell you a lot about wholesalers and purchasing. But don’t use search engines to find lists of wholesalers. Remember what we discussed earlier. Search engines are crammed with people who are of no use to you. Be careful.

How To Find a Poriftable eBay Wholesaler or Dropshipper

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How To Find a Poriftable eBay Wholesaler or Dropshipper


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