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2022-Discover How to Get Started Selling on eBay and Make Some Quick Cash – Part 2

Discover How to Get Started Selling on eBay and Make Some Quick Cash – Part 2

In part one of this series we took a look at quickly getting your first few items up for sale on eBay. In this next part I want to look a little more in depth at some crucial areas to ensure you get some excellent results.

A mistake that many new and not so new sellers make is getting their items title worded incorrectly. There is only limited space to write your title 55 characters including spaces. Be very clear on this point if a potential buyer types in keywords to any basic eBay search box the search engine will look for those keywords in the listings “title” only, unless the buyer has selected to search the item description as well. There are only a small percentage of people searching eBay that elect to search on the item description as well, the vast majority over 95% search on title only. So making proper use of the title is paramount to getting your item viewed by as many potential buyers as possible.

Common mistakes I see all the time might be like these below

[email protected]@K bargain Gents Watch [email protected]@K, or
WOW!! Fantastic video game [email protected]@K NOW.
Dalmations 3 Game

What a waste of the title space nobody is going to search on [email protected]@K or Wow!! Or even Now come to that. Leaving space unused in the title is vastly under utilizing the title as a tool to drive people to your auctions.

Looking at the first title a better way to use the title space would be to use something similar to the one below assuming the watch was an Avia etc.

Avia Mens Gents Scuba Divers Watch XL450 New Boxed

Now that is much more keyword rich. Even though the seller may have put all of those words in the item description it will be of no use if the buyer has only searched on the title which remember is what the vast majority do. If someone types any of those words or a combination of some of them into a search box then that listing will now be shown. Some will even search on the exact model they want to buy, if you can fit it in the title whilst keeping lots of other relevant general keywords in do, you may be one of only a few sellers that has so your item will be seen by those that have searched that way.

The second two titles are really quite vague as well and misuse the title space they will get searched on as keywords but may be lost in a sea of other seller’s items that come up available to view.

“fantastic video game” what game? What game platform? Xbox, Gamecube or PlayStation etc. Is it new or used?

Assuming it was a Harry Potter game a better title would be say

Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup PS2 Game NEW SEALED

That sort of title will bring your listing up for viewing much more often than the example I used earlier.

Dalmatians 3 as a title is again vague and leaves loads of space for more keywords. Further to that it is actually a spelling mistake! Dalmatian is the correct spelling. HOWEVER this is an interesting one. The vast majority of people searching for Dalmatians do misspell it! So I would still have kept the spelling mistake in and put something like

Dalmatians 3 Kids PS2 Game PlayStation NEW & SEALED

What we have done on all of those examples is put in general popular keywords such as Watch, PS2 (short for PlayStation two), New or Kids that people will search on regularly, so our product will appear in search lists often. We have also ensured that detailed words about our exact product are in the title. Lots of people do know the exact product they want so if you have presented your title properly it will be brought up in the searches, but this time there will be less items brought up by the search engine for your viewer to look at, which has to be good for us, more choice equals lower prices less choice equals higher prices!

Hopefully you get the idea here that the title must be packed with as many keywords as possible to bring your item up in searches as often as possible.

I’ve gone on at length here about the title it really is important, there are far less browsers (people just scanning categories) looking for goods than there are people who search so whilst it is important to make the title meaningful and as powerful as possible the correct keywords are much more important than using the attention grabbing headline words such as Amazing, Incredible, Discover or Who Else etc. By all means use the ones that people will search on such as New or Rare. In the early days of selling it’s important to give yourself the best chance of making good sales that will be your encouragement to go for greater things.

I’ve run out of space really for this article to go into any great depth about the rest of the process for getting the most from your listings. So very briefly ensure that you accurately describe your item in the item description and find out how much the postage & packing will be to send out the item so you can put it in your listing and tell people what payment options you can accept. Use the successful completed items search to help you.

So do pay attention to the details you will in the long run sell more for better prices. Good luck and go for it, what have you to lose except maybe a little in listing fees.

In part 3 we will cover yet more details of the selling process.

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Discover How to Get Started Selling on eBay and Make Some Quick Cash – Part 2

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Discover How to Get Started Selling on eBay and Make Some Quick Cash – Part 2


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