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2022-Breuzim – The Essential Oil From The Jungles of the Amazon

Breuzim – The Essential Oil From The Jungles of the Amazon

Out of the Amazon Jungles of Brazil comes an essential oil unique in its ability to aid in brain function. Breuzim has been used for centuries by the people of Brazil, but only recently has it been introduced to the United States in an essential oil blend called Brain Gem.

While serving in the military in Brazil, Dr. Guilherme Oberlaender de Almeida, M.D. got a firsthand look at how the tribes of the Amazon used their native plants. He found one group would use Breuzim incense as a way for the tribal leaders to recall generations of tribal history. They found this incense was amazing for memory. Some Indians of the Amazon use the Breuzim in the rites of baptism and other rituals. The incense of the resin is also used repel negative energies to keep the environment healthy

The Breuzim tree is a resinous tree that can reach up to thirty meters. All parts of the plants are aromatic.

Breuzim essential oil is used in natural medicine of the people of the Amazon rainforest as a cellular oxygenator which strengthens the entire central nervous system. It crosses the blood brain barrier and helps to accelerate synapse between neurons and the brain. It is also used in Brazil for sinusitis, lung disease and epilepsy.

Dr. Oberlaender once gave Breuzim oil to a mother who had a child with delayed mental development. The child was only four years old and was not expected to gain much more in mental capacity. The mother was to put it on the child twice a day which she did faithfully. Years later, Dr. Oberlaender received and letter in the mail from this woman. Expecting the bad news that the boy had died, he was delighted to be invited to this young man’s graduation from college with a degree in engineering.

Brain Gem synergistically combines the essential oils of Breuzim, Rose, Peppermint, Helichrysum, and Frankincense. This powerful combination creates a vibration equal to that of the brain.

It has been shown to have dramatic effects on people with brain damage due to stroke or injury or birth challenges such as autism and cerebral palsy. It increases memory, focus and coordination. It clarifies thought processes, aids in sleep and in memory recall and retention. You can use a drop of Brain Gem on the back of the neck and the temples to help you stay alert and help prevent brain challenges.

Only the very best essential oils will give you the results you are looking for. Brain Gem essential oil blend with the benefits of Breuzim oil is one of them.From the rainforests of the Amazon to you.

This article is designed for informational purposes only. It is to help you get ideas on how to nurture your health so you can enjoy wellness. It is not to diagnose or treat any disease. Consult your physician for the treatment of disease or health issues.

Breuzim – The Essential Oil From The Jungles of the Amazon

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Breuzim – The Essential Oil From The Jungles of the Amazon


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