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2022-Beginner Facebook Tips

Beginner Facebook Tips

If you are new to Facebook it might seem a bit daunting and overwhelming. The truth is that, just like with everything, if you give it some time and allow yourself to just try things, you will pick up the system faster than you would have thought at the beginning.

To make it easier, here a few tips:

Tip #1: Create your profile page:

If you have already logged in you will have a profile page. Upload some photos, especially a profile photo so people will recognize you, add some of your personal details and start adding friends.

Tip #2: Add friends:

In order to find out what other people are posting and to use this site to it’s purpose, which is to network with friends, family and colleagues you need to add friends. This is easily done: If you see someone you know on one of your friend’s pages, simply click on the button ‘add as a friend’. There is also an area called ‘People You May Know’ where you will find people that you might know.

Another good way is to let Facebook check which people in your address book are already using Facebook, which you can then link to.

Tip #3: Spend time posting updates:

Just like when you are at a party, you will only get to know people when you start to interact. On Facebook this means that you post a ‘status update’ in the box provided on the top of every page. You can share in words, through photos, videos or a link that you found interesting.

Tip #4: Make comments on your friends’ updates:

Again, at the party if you simply listen to others, they might not really be interested to continue talking to you. You need to engage. On Facebook you do that through commenting on other people’s updates. Simple click on the ‘comment’ link below any of your friends updates and write something. Don’t worry, you don’t have to write a long essay, a few words are fine.

Tip #5: Approve friends’ requests:

You will find that soon there are people you know wanting to be friends with you. You can see that on the top of the screen next to the ‘Facebook’ logo at the symbol with the two heads. If there is a number in a read box it means that you have open friends’ requests. If you know them and want to be friends, simply click on ‘confirm’ and it’s done.

Remember: Whatever you do, you can always delete if you don’t like what you wrote, so don’t worry. If you have any questions, there is also a ‘help section’ and you can find the link on the bottom of every Facebook page.

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Beginner Facebook Tips

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Beginner Facebook Tips


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