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2022-All That You Wanted to Know About PPC Advertising

All That You Wanted to Know About PPC Advertising

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is among the cheapest forms of web marketing available. What commenced with major search engines using the PPC advertising for generating revenue soon became a phenomenon among incentive-based websites. Today, companies across the internet use PPC advertising as an economical mode of advertising, while internet users use it for generating extra income.


A small company that would go on to merge with Yahoo, first introduced PPC advertising in 1998. Today, Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter still top the pack of the PPC advertising market. Other PPC click-based search engines are Looksmart and Ask. Traffic is almost ensured to the website that usually translates to business.

Search engines

Most search engines commonly resort to bidding as the preferred form of PPC advertising. An advertiser submits an ad with a list of likely keywords. He will then choose the amount of money that he’s willing to pay for every click. Usually, the advertisements appear on the side or top of the search result as a sponsored advertisement or link.

Content sites

Advertisers have taken a big interest to place ads on content websites. These sites usually levy a flat fee on every click and don’t resort to bidding systems like a search engine. The fee is usually levied on each unique click. This eliminates overpaying for clicks generated by the same visitor clicking multiple times.


Pay per click costs varies between websites and search engines. Several times the cost would depend upon the topic already sponsored in search engine listings. Content sites often charge flat fees based on the size of the advertisement, placement and content. Charges could be more for a site that attracts high traffic. The fees, however, aren’t typically as expensive as listings sponsored by search engines.

Incentive-based PPC

Paid-to-click incentive websites usually offer cheap advertising facilities to those looking to promote their products and services via PPC advertising. The problem for an advertiser is that the final user, who clicks on the link, does so only to earn an incentive. Rarely does he have any interest in the product or service being offered. Most PPC websites give a minor fraction of their revenue to the advertiser.

PPC was one of the most popular methods of online advertising even some years ago. It has since fallen out of favor though it’s still the cheapest. It nevertheless is quite popular among a group of advertisers.

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All That You Wanted to Know About PPC Advertising

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All That You Wanted to Know About PPC Advertising


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