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2022-12 Facebook Sarging Tips

12 Facebook Sarging Tips

If you’re thinking of going Facebook sarging to pick up hot girls then you need to have an attractive profile and some openers that will get a favourable response!

I suggest you take a look at the following tips to pick up girls online:

1. Get a profile picture that shows other hot girls having fun with you! This will prove that girls enjoy your company and that you’re not a weirdo behind a laptop.

2. For the rest of your pictures, i certainly wouldn’t go crazy with hundreds. Have about 50 to show you have a life but don’t spend it all on Facebook!

3. Get some extreme sport photos of you snow boarding, surfing, kayaking, hang gliding, bungee jumping etc. Show that you are exciting and a thrill seeker!

4. This one is important! Get some extra photos where hot girls are loving your company! This will create more trust and comfort with you!

5. Show that you’re sensitive by getting some photos cuddling a cute Puppy or Kitten! Girls will love you for this!

6. Demonstrate that you’re well travelled by showing photos in front of famous landmarks! Chances are, if she’s been, you have a conversation point there!

7. Turn your relationship status off! Don’t make it easy for her by saying that you’re single! Make her work! If she asks you, then you have an indicator of interest!

8. Correct and grammar or spelling errors! To get the high value girls, you have to be high value yourself!

9. Don’t ever use annoying 15 year old girl text speak on your profile!

10. Don’t leave your profile open for anybody to just check it out! She won’t need to add you if she can already see everything!

11. Delete any wall posts that give you up as a loser! There should be nothing on there that shows you up as being boring, stupid or lacking a fun lifestyle. Be ruthless!

12. Send out complimentary wall posts to your existing female friends. Hopefully they will reply asking you out for a coffee or a catch up. This will create social proof, trust and comfort!

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12 Facebook Sarging Tips

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12 Facebook Sarging Tips


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